Are Small Businesses Immune To Cyber Attacks?

Small businesses all over the world face quite a few challenges that big businesses are immune to. One of those challenges is protecting their internal computer networks from outside security breaches. The main problem is that small businesses have become complacent about these issues. There is a growing sense that small businesses are immune to these types of attacks when in reality they are more prone to network attacks.

Small Businesses Are Easy Targets

Recent reports have indicated that businesses with less than 100 employees are currently being targeted by cybercriminals. These would be criminals know most small businesses lack even the most basic protection. This makes them an extremely easy target. Cyber criminals are looking for information related to business transactions. They have stolen customer credit card information, transaction data and even common business information. They use this information to pose as a business and open lines of credit. Cyber criminals are smart enough to target specific files as well. It is not uncommon for them to locate:

  • Excel files
  • QuickBooks files
  • Sensitive PDF files
  • Research related document files

Basically anything that could be used against a company is being targeted.

Protection Is Paramount

Most small business owners have no idea this type of stuff is happening. By the time they realize, it has already happened to them. Protecting your small business is simple with the right tools. If you are not sure where to begin, read over the information here: This should be enough to jar you into action.

Choose A System That Is Self-contained

Small businesses don’t have time to learn new software. They need every free minute to help them grow their business. A network protection solution that is fully automated is a priority. It should be able to run in the background seamlessly while providing the ultimate protection.

Don’t let your small business fall victim to these types of frequent attacks. Start protecting your business today.